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Tailor-made /tayler-mayd (adj.) 1 fitted, tailored, custom-made, made to measure, made to order, bespoke. 2 ideal, perfect, customized, suited, suitable, (just) right, colloq. (right) up one’s street or alley.    (OXFORD COMPLETE DICTIONARY 2003)

The perfect solution for clubs, groups or individuals looking for a motorcycle tour without the hassle of planning

  Just as the description suggests, our Tailored tours are made to your specification, the entire itinerary is of your own making. 2 Wheel Travel are there for you, we do all the legwork involved in getting your tour organised. You give us an outline of your ideal tour, either brief or complex, and we will build the tour around those parameters, you will be consulted every step of the way, until you are satisfied that the tour is right for you. When the package is complete, one of our representatives will  go through each step, explaining each element of the package, flights, sea crossings, routes, accommodation, places of interest and any other relevant information. Then, from the moment you set off on your tour, we will be on hand for you to contact, so in the event of any mishap you will have the means to overcome the situation.

  The organising of the package starts with a brief itinerary, where, when, what budget, bike type, hotel quality, inclusions, etc, etc. and an approximate quote, there is no fee levied for this quote and we can guarantee, to quote within £250 of the final total for your completed tour package. Fluctuations in currency and travelling fees make it impossible to set accurate figures at this early stage, but the guarantee will always stand.

Should you be satisfied with the outline and price at this time we can continue to the next stage, which involves the in-depth planning and organisation, reservations and route indexing.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied at the end of the first stage, you may change the parameters and we will endeavour to meet your requirements, even if this means starting over again.

  Due to the complex nature of the average tailor-made package, and the level of time input necessary to create the package, it is necessary to charge an initial deposit before commencement to the second stage. This fee will be deducted from the final price of the tour and normally is set at 10% of the original first stage quoted price.

As a rule of thumb, the average cost of a tailored tour is approximately 10-15% lower than the average set tour in the same region. So if you know basically where and when you want to go and you can find a similar type tour on our website, then you will have a good idea of cost from the off.

  For more details or to set your dream tour plans in motion, please contact us.

  Let your adventure begin………….                        

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