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Terms & Conditions

For Touring        (for rentals, see below)


These terms:

These terms represent the contract between you and 2 Wheel Travel. Before travelling with us you should read these terms and sign the agreement on our booking form.

Where 2 Wheel Travel act as direct agents for operators we cannot be held liable for any actions taken by such operators beyond our control and outside the boundaries of our contract with them. Where contracted operators are used on your chosen tour you are responsible to read and agree to the terms of their contract also. These will be given to you upon request.

Where a tour involves flight transfer  to the tour start point 2 Wheel Travel will act as agents for the ATOL holder and as such will pass on all flight responsibilities to that licensee.

Where 2 Wheel Travel Ltd. are the tour operators, providing 2 or more elements of the package, all monies paid will be held in trust for the duration of the tour and only released 24 hours after the end of the tour. Furthermore in compliance with the Package tour regulations 1993 your tour will be protected from insolvency of the operator through this scheme. 


All prices quoted are guide prices only, because of the number of variants, advance notice and changes in exchange rates. If you are interested in a particular tour, please contact us and we will provide an up to date cost for your chosen tour. This cost will be guaranteed and we will absorb any rise in outside rates up to 2%. Any rise above this will be relayed to you and you will have the option to meet the rise, choose a different tour at similar cost or cancel completely in which case we will give a full refund, this will represent full settlement.


Upon receipt of your completed booking form and deposit we will send you a booking confirmation as an invoice detailing when the balance is to be paid. Usually 8-12 weeks prior to departure. Failure to pay the sum by the due date will result in cancellation and no refund will be made.


By You:

Refunds are payable only under the following terms:

Where the client pays the full amount up front:

Where the client pays an initial deposit of 10% to secure a rental motorcycle or tour place:

We recommend that you take out holiday insurance at the onset of booking to cover against cancellation or curtailment, we can offer such a policy to you at the time of your booking.

By us:

Due to insufficient numbers and some unforeseen reasons it is sometimes necessary to cancel a pre planned tour. In this event we will notify you immediately the decision is taken.

You will in some cases be given the option to pay a supplemental charge to cover the shortfall and with your agreement the tour will proceed as planned. In other cases or if you decide not to take the aforementioned option you will be given a full refund of all monies paid to us. This will represent full settlement.

We will not be liable for any monies paid to other parties for items pertaining to the tour, this may include, but is not limited to, purchase of items intended for use on tour, pre paid airline/ferry tickets, supplemental items not referred to in the tour itinerary, etc.

Again we strongly recommend you take out adequate holiday travel insurance to cover these eventualities and we can offer you such policies at the time of your booking. Once you have begun the tour, i.e. left home, any cancellation or curtailment on your part for whatever reason will result in the total loss of all monies paid.

Your responsibilities:

You are responsible for your actions at all times during the tour, you must follow the directions of the tour guide on all matters pertaining to the tour. Failure to comply with traffic laws and rules of group travel may result in immediate cancellation of this contract and confiscation of your vehicle, hired or otherwise. This regulation is strictly for the safety of yourself and other tour participants.

You must be in possession of and be able to display upon request:

A full and valid motorcycle licence for the type of bike you are/will be riding. (A valid MOT certificate for your own motorcycle)

A certificate of insurance for each of the following, where applicable

  Our responsibilities:

Where we act as agents for the tour operator our responsibilities are solely limited to:

We are in no way liable for the tour itself or any part of it. Nor for any cancellation or curtailment of the tour once it has begun. Once all monies have been paid to us and in turn passed on to the operator we will hand over this contract to the operator who will take over all responsibilities.

Where we act as the organiser or contract services directly from an organiser we are responsible for:

Any part of the package that is within our control, i.e. routes, hotel reservations to the standard indicated, provision of meals where indicated and adherence to the services of the tour described in our brochures, electronic, paper or otherwise.

2 Wheel Travel are not responsible for the following:


For Rentals

Where 2 Wheel Travel  act as booking agent in reserving a bike from a rental operator  our sole responsibility is to reserve the requested bike and pass on any monies paid, or any payment instructions received, to the operator net of our commission fee agreed with the operator, then to confirm the rental details and provide adequate instruction as to the whereabouts and contact details of the operator used.

Upon request, we are obliged to provide details of the terms of contract between you, the client and the operator.

We cannot be held responsible for the following:

2 Wheel Travel  neither own, hire, keep or lease any motorcycles whatsoever. All motorcycles sourced for clients are through motorcycle rental operator companies wherever situated, based or homed and as such are out of the control of 2 Wheel Travel. As such, we cannot be held responsible for any action or negligence on the part of any of the operators whose services we use that directly or indirectly results in loss of any kind, be it financial or physical to any person in relation to rentals sourced through our company.


For Touring & rentals when combined

A combination of the terms for touring and for rentals will apply.



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